Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

The Bay Area is known for having cool summers, but anyone who lives here and has been inland knows that that stereotype is geographically limited to the coast. Here in the East Bay we regularly have heat advisories. Dogs and other animals suffer from the heat just as humans can so it is important to help your dog stay cool. With this in mind, made a short list of tips to keep your dog cool:

  • When your pet is outside, make sure they have multiple sources of water; especially if they are known for digging in their bowls or tipping them over.
  • Providing a kiddie pool full of water is a great way to cool their whole bodies.
  • If there is a heat advisory leave your pet in air conditioning rather than outside.
  • Choose early morning hours or just before sunset to walk your dog instead of during the midday heat so they don’t get overheated on your walk.
  • Walk a shady path. Of you can, walk along paths or streets that have plenty of shade trees. You and your dog will both appreciate the break from the sun’s rays.
  • Watch the paws! Dogs’ paws are sensitive and can burn. Put boots of your dog when they are on hot surfaces or use a good salve when you get home to sooth their pads.

Follow these tips to avoid an serious health risks including heat stroke. Learn more about symptoms and prevention of heat stroke in our blog post, Heat Stroke in Dogs.

If you found this helpful or if you have any other tips to keep your dog cool, leave us a comment below!


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