Signs of Common Pet Emergencies

Pet Emergencies Require Immediate Care

Our pets are family. We know their behaviors and their personalities so intimately that if their disposition changes, we sound the alarm. Knowing the signs of common pet emergencies will help you care for your pet if an emergency presents itself. Emergencies require immediate care and that is why we have compiled a list of common emergency signals to look out for.

Signs of Common Pet Emergencies

  • Difficulty Breathing – Labored, noisy or rapid in character
  • Persistent Bleeding – OK to apply pressure/wrap before coming in
  • Distended or Bloated Abdomen
  • Straining or Difficulty Urinating or Defecating
  • Heatstroke – Often associated with collapse or weakness. Read more about heatstroke symptoms in dogs here.
  • Pregnancy Issues – Straining or Difficulty Delivering Kittens or Puppies, Contractions for more than 2 hours or labor with visible fetus or membranes in excess of 15 minutes
  • Seizures, tremors or Loss of Balance – Includes tremors, coma, staggering, convulsions, sudden blindness, fainting, head tilt, as well as sudden changes to personality
  • Pain or Lameness – Crying, moaning, constant licking, heavy panting, limping, difficulty walking or moving body, unwilling to lay down – uncomfortable
  • Traumatic Injuries – Wounds, Trauma, Injury, Shock, Falls; being struck by automobile, or other traumatic event
  • Poisoning – Exposure to, or ingestion of, toxic substance such as rat poison, antifreeze, snail bait, mushrooms, chocolate and prescription medications
    • Please do NOT induce vomiting or give any medication unless directed by a veterinarian
    • We are always here to take your calls, but feel free to visit the ASPCA’s poison control website for less emergent questions
  • Persistent Vomiting and / or Diarrhea – If bloody in nature do not wait for repeated episodes
  • Snake Bite or Insect Bites – Pets bitten by rattle snakes should see a veterinarian immediately, insect bites can causes serious reactions in some pets including swelling, difficulty breathing and hives. Read the 5 signs of a spider bite and learn more about bee stings and your dog.
  • Any Other Signs that are Troublesome – Eye discomfort, severe itching, hives, swelling etc

If you think your pet is experiencing emergency symptoms, please call (925) 556-1234.

Contact us with any questions about caring for your pet.

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