Signs of Canine Intestinal Blockage

Dogs love to explore the world with their noses and mouths. Some dogs don’t seem to feel complete until they swallow all or part of what comes across their path. When this happens an object may get stuck along the intestinal tract causing an obstruction that we call intestinal blockage. 

As your emergency vet, we have seen things that defy the imagination come out of the intestinal tracts of curious and insatiable dogs.

A potentially life threatening condition, if you think your dog has an intestinal blockage, take them to their vet or give us a call immediately. Below are some of the common symptoms of intestinal blockage as well as simple treatment procedures, so that your pet gets the care they need before it’s too late!

Symptoms of an Intestinal Blockage?

Your dog will have some combination of the follow symptoms:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • straining during bowel movements
  • loss of appetite
  • abdominal bloating and pain
  • drooling, burping
  • lethargy

Treatment of Intestinal Blockage

  • X-ray to identify the foreign object (learn more about our digital x-ray services).
  • Removal of the object that sometimes requires surgery. When necessary endoscopy, a non-invasive surgical option, is used to remove foreign objects. is used to

If your dog could put the cause and effect together , we are sure they’d swear off tennis balls, carpets or whatever their favorite thing to eat is, but as they don’t have that level of cognition, it is up to you to eliminate threats to your dog. If you need to crate them when they are left alone, it may be inconvenient but a lot cheaper than an emergency surgery.

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