Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

Allergies are no fun. Allergic reactions feel yucky, they slow us down and can be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately, pets also suffer from allergies. Their allergies fall into two categories: food allergies and environmental allergies.

Know whether or not your pet suffers from allergies so that you can prevent allergic reactions from occurring and treat them when they do.

Common Pet Allergies

Environmental Allergies

The most common types of environmental allergens include pollen, mold, dust and dander. Dogs and most cats spend a lot of time outside, constantly coming in contact with these allergens. Pets can experience allergic reactions that present with watery eyes or runny nose. This is their immune system response to flushing out eye irritants. Skin inflammation and itching are also common allergic reactions to environmental factors and may cause your pet to lick, or bite the affected area for relief.

Food Allergies

While not as common in pets as in humans, food allergies can affect your animals. Symptoms of food allergies can be similar to environmental allergy symptoms such as skin irritation and they may also include ear infections, vomiting and diarrhea. Surprisingly, common food allergens for dogs and cats are found in animal proteins such as chicken, beef, dairy and egg. Read more information about pet nutrition and food allergies.

Allergy Treatment

While there are many options out there for treating pet allergies, the most efficient way to find out how to treat your pet is to visit your vet. Your vet will be able to prescribe allergy medication or provide you with a allergy prevention and at-home treatment protocol.

For allergic reactions that result in skin irritation so severe that a hot spot develops, call your vet or Ironhorse Vetcare immediately. Similarly, if you notice your pet is having trouble breathing as a result of an allergic reaction, seek care as soon as possible.

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